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1. Do not put objects with high temperature on the bathtub directly or for a long time.

Although bathtub is heat-resisting.its surface will still be damaged under too high a temperature. Kettles containing boiling water or other objects with too high a temperature are likely to cause damage to the surface of the bathtub.

Please control water temperature of the water in the bathtub or the water being poured into the bathtub under 50℃.

Caution: Do not pour water with too high a temperature directly into the bathtub.

2. Spots caused by scratching, common chemicals, burning and slight knocks.

Spots caused by nicks, scratching and burning are unavailable for frequently used bathtub. However, the spots can be removed by using the following methods:

1) Wash the surface with clean water to ensure it is dustless.

2) Use 400# waterproof abrasive paper to sand the surface, and then use 600# abrasive paper to polish the surface.(we will send your abrasive paper)

3) Wipe away the water with a piece of dry cloth.

4) Moisten the surface first to avoid dirt.

Note: Must keep the surface wet while sanding it.

3. Keep the surface dry

Water contains large amounts of bleaching agents and incrustation. Therefore, it will affect the color and appearance of the bathtub of it stays on the surface for a long time.

4. keep the surface away from strong chemicals

 Paint-removing detergents, metal cleaning detergents, stove cleaning detergents, methylene chloride, acetone(like nail enamel remover)and strong acid detergents shall be avoid.

If the surface contacts the above-mentioned detergents, please immediately wash it with soap water.

If the surface is spotted by nail enamel, please clean it with acetone free detergents and then wash it with water. 

5. Protect the surface from being knocked by overweight or sharp-ended objects.

6. Product renovation

In case the bathtub surface is scratched or tarnished due to long time of use, please ask professionals to polish the surface, which will restore its original look.