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What Kinds Of Artificial Stones Are There?

- Nov 29, 2018 -

The artificial stone is a "polymer", which is usually made of unsaturated resin and aluminum hydroxide as the main material, and is formed by stirring, shallow injection, heating, polymerization and so on. It is generally called "resin plate artificial stone". (the market price is about 800 yuan-900 yuan / m) 2. With methyl methacrylate (MMA) as the main material artificial stone, also known as acrylic artificial stone. DuPont in the United States as a representative, domestic such as Yadir and a few professional companies, but also the production of "Acrylic" artificial stone. (the market price is about 1400 yuan to 2500 yuan / m) 3. MMA, resin mixed artificial stone, called A plate in Ad-ill, is a practical artificial stone between the above two kinds of artificial stone, which is first popularized in the industry. (the market price is about 1200-1300 yuan / m). There are also a lot of market prices in the 400-600 yuan / meter artificial stone. According to the normal quality requirements of the artificial stone and the price of the raw and auxiliary materials which can guarantee the quality, the cost calculation shows that the two main materials of the artificial stone may be jerry-built and replaced by calcium carbonate instead of aluminum hydroxide with cheap resin. Is the main means of reducing costs. Known as calcium carbonate artificial stone, about 95% of the artificial stone in the market are inferior calcium carbonate artificial stone (also a lot of artificial calcium carbonate high price phenomenon, more deceptive).

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