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The Types And Selection Points Of The Bathtub

- Jun 10, 2018 -

With the acceleration of the pace of the times, people are under great pressure to live. Bathtubs are becoming more and more popular, and the demand for bathtubs is getting higher and higher. There are many kinds and selection points for the bathtub. Shanghai run Zhong seems to be living in the market now, all kinds of bathtubs emerge in an endless stream, not only the material is different, the function is also different, the price is also very different.

The following is the introduction of the kind of common bathtub.

Steel bath tub: steel plate bathtub is made of steel plate with a certain thickness. The surface is plated with enamel. It is not easy to dirty, easy to clean. It is not easy to fade. The gloss is durable, and it is easy to form and cost cheap. But the steel plate is generally thinner, the strength is not enough, the noise is big, the surface is easy to remove porcelain and the thermal insulation performance is not good, so some steel plate bathtub increases the insulation layer.

Cast iron bathtub: cast iron bathtub has long service life, high grade and easy to clean. Because of its thick cylinder wall, its thermal insulation performance is very good. Cast iron cylinder has good gloss and its service life is the longest in all kinds of bathtubs. The cast iron bathtub is superior to other bathtubs for its acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance. But because of its heavier weight, it increases the difficulty of handling and installation. The price of cast iron bathtub is much higher than that of acrylic and steel bathtubs.

Acrylic bathtub: acrylic bathtub has a higher market share, acrylic material surface is polypropionic acid methyl ester, the back uses resin gypsum and glass fiber. The advantages include easy forming, good thermal insulation, good gloss, light weight, easy installation, rich color change and low price. Compared with the bathtub on the surface of ceramic and enamel, the drawback of this kind of bathtub is easy to hang dirty, high noise when water injection, poor resistance to high temperature, no wear-resisting, and the surface is easy to aging and discoloration. Even the imported acrylic cylinder is only of relatively good quality, and there are also these problems.

Wooden bath barrels: Wooden bathing barrels are made of nanmu, cypress, oak, cedar, pine, etc. Nanmu bathtub has the best comprehensive performance, but rarely seen in the market. Pine and Cunninghamia lanceolata bathing barrels are susceptible to damp, blackening, moldy, and poor comprehensive performance. Wooden bath barrel has the advantages of heat preservation, environmental protection, small occupied area, Yi Qingxi, long life and convenient installation. The disadvantage is that it is easy to crack in the long dry condition. If it is not used for a long time, put some water in the bucket.

Massage bathtub: massage bathtub can use circulating water to massage the human body, but the need to use electricity as energy. Besides the high price, the massage bathtub not only requires the bathroom area to be large enough, but also requires high water pressure, power and installation. The pulse massage bathtub has a signal generator that simulates the spectrum of the human body. The signal produced by the massage bath is very similar to the spectrum of the human body. It can produce resonance phenomenon and play the function of activating the meridian and activating the collaterals. In addition to the massage function, some bathtubs are equipped with computer boards, which can install telephone, CD player and radio, and control the Sheung Shui by computer.

The main points of the bathtub purchase

When choosing the bathtub, you should choose the material which is resistant to corrosion, deformation and scratch resistance, and it is not easy to stain and easy to clean. The size of the bathtub is very critical, not only to refer to the bathroom space, better consider the family gate and bathroom door width, do not buy a bathtub but can not enter the door, the door can only destroy the embarrassing situation. Generally speaking, the smoothness and smoothness of the bathtub, the better the quality. In addition, the skirt of the bathtub has the right and left sides, and the choice is to separate from the location of the sink.

Bathtubs are becoming more and more popular, and the demand for bathtubs is getting higher and higher. When choosing a bathtub, you must follow your own needs and never blindly follow suit. The essence of home decoration is that it is the best for oneself.

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