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The Characteristics Of The Acrylic Water Tank

- Apr 19, 2018 -

1, the acrylic water tank has crystal transparency, the transmittance is over 92%, the light is soft and the vision is clear. The acrylic color dyed acrylic has a good color spreading effect. The acrylic tank has excellent weatherability, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high temperature performance.

2, the acrylic water tank has good processing performance, both can be used in thermal molding, and can be machined in a mechanical way, transparent acrylic plate with glass can be compared with the light transmittance, but the density is only half of the glass. Besides, it is not so fragile as glass, even if it breaks down, it will not create sharp fragments like glass.

3, the abrasion resistance of the acrylic water trough is close to the aluminum material, the stability is good, the corrosion of various chemicals is resistant, the acrylic tank has good printing and spraying property, and the suitable printing and spraying technology can give the ideal surface decoration effect of acrylic products.

The biggest feature of the acrylic tank is the variety of colors and the overall color of the kitchen utensils. The acrylic tank is a good choice. It not only can increase the color of our daily life, it is more resilient and not easy to break. It has strong restorability and no cold and sharp feeling in winter. The color is bright and can satisfy the personality pursuit of different tastes. Should we choose the acrylic tank with so many advantages?


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