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Siphon Toilet Closestool How To Do Toilet Toilet Clever Trick Know How Much?

- Apr 19, 2018 -

1、 you can go to a store or sundry shop to buy a manual dredging device, and try to dredge yourself, the effect is good.

2、 you can also find a length of plastic water pipe, one end of the tap water, one head into the toilet, can plug the toilet with cloth or other things, and then open the tap water, so you can dredge the pipe.

3、with the home mopping mop solution. Put the mop on the toilet, and then let the mop water flooded. Then pressure the mop, put it into the toilet, and finally lift the mop with the fastest speed, so repeated cleaning will let the things in the toilet be sucked out, the pipe can be smooth.

4、if the toilet is blocked by hard objects, carry the skin to carry the dirt down, and put aside the water while chugging it to make the toilet only clear water. Then dry the water with a towel, find a small mirror, a make-up, a flashlight, put the small mirror in the bottom of the toilet to find a suitable wire to put it out, the debris out of the problem will be solved.

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