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Leading Rusty, Toilet Bathtub Dirt As Long As There Is This Thing To Solve!

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Faucet rust

Bathing equipment with rust stains? Do not worry, the family has a small partner with tomato sauce, as long as the sauce out of tomato sauce smear rusty place, as long as 8 seconds, wipe gently with a rag, rust stains to clean!

Rust stains on the faucet, as long as you find a fresh-keeping bag, put a small bag of white vinegar, and then set it over the faucet, fixed with rubber bands, wait a few minutes, you will find the rust stains were dissolved in acetic acid, as long as water Rinse briefly, the tap will be bright as new.

Lemon juice acid, but also the scale, rust stains completely dissolved, did not eat the lemon slice, readily wipe the bathroom faucet and metal equipment, as long as 5 minutes, you can renovate the bathroom again.

Rust stains on the tiles

Pool tiles are also easy to leave rust stains, water stains, can be used on the toothpaste and discarded toothbrush clean, toothpaste contains abrasive composition, can remove stubborn water stains, rust, which also quickly dissolve surfactant Oil pollution.

Rusty toilet stains

Teach you a trick, Coke directly drink poured into the toilet, washed flush ten minutes later, you will find the toilet wall becomes bright.

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