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Japan 2 ㎡ Mini Bathroom, Bathroom Tub Actually Have All, In The End Is How To Do It?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Japan still has some achievements in high technology, but human design at home, for example, still exclaims everyone. Since Japan has a very limited land area and a small population, especially in some cities, the population density is very high. Therefore, Japan is more popular with small-sized houses. However, small-sized houses can also be designed to solve the problems of insufficient space such as toilets.

1, save space: all the necessary things linked together, saving a lot of unnecessary waste of space.

2, aesthetics: This design is not only beautiful, but also save water, this decoration design must be the future trend of development.

3, construction convenient: This combination is also very easy to install, reducing the difficulty of decoration.

However, such integrated bathroom has what disadvantage?

1, need to be customized in advance: Because this bathroom must be based on your bathroom to design, the degree of compatibility requirements are very high, we must be tailor-made before they can.

2, high cost: Because it is tailor-made, can be cycle, cost, cost, but the design is very easy to install.

This bathroom, to solve the problem of insufficient space, will slowly be a trend.

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