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Jacuzzi Massage

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Jacuzzi massage

Jacuzzi massage can be divided into: whirlpool massage, bubble massage, massage three hybrid.

The most traditional is the hydro-massage method, also known as whirlpool massage. It is the use of powerful nozzles to water and air from the bath next to the injection, resulting in a double effect, this massage on the blood circulation, lymphoid tissue and eliminate waste, etc. have a significant function, and vortex whirlpool massage can be comfortable Massage the entire body.

Some whirlpool massages, which take advantage of the jacuzzi double helix massage nozzle, create a whirling air and water flow with unique whirling bubbles and continuous whirlpool. This can deliver deep massage force, so that the tension muscles effectively relax and relieve and release the pressure of the bather, play a role in relaxation.

Bubble massage bubbles from the bubble pump through the bottom of the bathtub nozzle, resulting in a large number of bubbles wrapped the body, gently touch the body. This massage method, can make the spine and neck feel very comfortable, and can make the muscles and physical and mental relaxation.

However, although there are nozzles on the bottom of many jacuzzis currently on the market, there are actually no bubble massage functions. One of the reasons for this is that air bubble pumps are not installed and there is no bubble massage function. Another reason is that the bottom of the jacuzzi is connected to a pump by a nozzle. The water is discharged and can not relax. Since the pipe connecting the bottom nozzle and the pump is lower than the suction opening, It can not be discharged, there is no natural massage effect.

The last massage bath massage is a hybrid massage. Hybrid massage combines the effects of a whirlpool massage with an air massage. The swirling nozzles next to it eliminate the waste from the lymph, while the air-jet nozzle produces ozone and the effect of a fountain.

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