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Is There A Shower Room With Bathroom Windows With Windows?

- Sep 13, 2018 -

It is found that some families have their own windows in the bathroom. It is very common to install shower rooms in the bathroom, just for the comfort and convenience of taking a bath. But one headache is how to install a shower room in a bathroom with windows. If there are windows in the bathroom, you can fix the window on one side of the shower room, but the existence of the window will cause the other side to be badly fixed, so some people simply make a whole wall into a shower. Room. However, such shortcomings are not beautiful and occupy the place, resulting in a lot of waste. One of the easiest ways is to look at the shower room after blocking how much width, if more than 50 cm can paste the inside edge and then make a fixed glass and a flat window, the frame and tile flat. If the width is small, and keep some width, then the other side can only be opened a little bit. If not very long, the air can be placed in the usual place some washbasins, buckets, shower gel and other items, the time to take a bath and then put it outside. But the best way is to install a window-sized shower room, installed in front of the window size of a suitable glass, called the lintel, to fill the window and wall vacancies, thus ensuring the normal installation of the shower room. The window lintel can be understood as a window beam or an arched one. Knowing how to install shower rooms with windows in the bathroom, we should pay attention to the following: the size of shower rooms, such as pre-embedded holes, should be designed before the bathroom is decorated; the best way to customize shower rooms is to install water supply systems and ceramic tiles; the leakage protection switches of wiring should be considered before the installation of shower rooms. The device is installed.

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