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Is The Acrylic Bathtub Good?

- Apr 07, 2018 -

It is known that the biggest feature of the acrylic bathtub lies in its novel style, various shapes and different sizes. When used, it often matches audio-visual and massage equipment to achieve a very relaxed and comfortable effect. Another point is that the acrylic bathtub is very fashionable and novel, but the price is relatively affordable, and has excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor applications. But acrylic bathtubs also have shortcomings, such as dirty, dirty, clean, not environmentally friendly.

Now many manufacturers for the production of acrylic bathtub are imported high brightness, high hardness bathroom special acrylic plate, so in the pressure, wear resistance and other aspects of a great improvement. Alec bathtub is rich in shape, rich in color, light in weight and easy to handle and install relative to cast iron bathtub. However, the shortcomings of acrylic bathtubs are easy to fade, and easy to be scratched and aged. But the acrylic bathtub has a good performance price ratio, which is very practical for families whose bathtubs are not frequently used.

Cast iron bathtub is made of cast iron. The cost of cast iron is higher and the production process is more complex, so the price of cast iron bathtub on the market is relatively expensive. The price of general cast iron bathtub is between 2500 and 4000, but the price of cast iron bath will also be changed because of brand, season and other factors. Cast iron bathtub has excellent quality and thermal insulation performance, so it is still very practical.

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