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Is Bathtub Good, Or Is Tile Good Or Acrylic Good?

- Apr 07, 2018 -

The benefits of wooden barrels:

Water bath.


It's not easy to maintain and clean (especially now small bathroom, often set up against the wall when the dead corner is hard to clean). It's troublesome to enter a barrel when taking a bath, especially for children and elderly people. In the bath, because the barrel is not convenient, narrow, bent leg is too deep, too high, sitting wash stretch inconvenience.

The advantage of the Acrylic bathtub:

It is convenient, easy to clean, and can be used to separate shower and shower. It is relatively low and convenient for the elderly and children.


The conventional water bath light material for metal enamel, engineering plastics (acrylic), not that comfortable bath barrel. The price difference is not small.


If there are large  Acrylic bathtub, it's nice to put cask, so it's beautiful and easy to use. If there are local conditions for local subsidence, reduce the height of the bucket, you can also make a table, beautiful and beautiful; and then set up shower and bath space in other parts, that is the best. If the apartment layout design is not big enough, easy to use for the day, or not fashion, choose the traditional bathtub better.

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