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Introduction To The Ordinary Bathtub

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Introduction to the ordinary bathtub

If we look at the general shape of the bathtub from the appearance, it can be divided into skirted bathtubs and non-skirted bathtubs.

Bath skirt, in fact, the side of the bathtub. If the bathtub does not have a skirt, then consumers in the installation of the bathtub, they should own tiling. The skirted bathtub, eliminating the trouble of tiling.

At present, the cheapest bathtub on the market is without skirts, brackets and launching, although this bathtub is cheap, but when consumers install their own water, but also their own brick pool put so that , Will result in a certain amount of labor costs expected. The skirted bathtub is easier to set up and includes skirts, brackets and water.

If you are from the material to analyze the ordinary bathtub, it can be divided into: artificial stone bathtub, cast iron bathtub, acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub, wooden tub and so on. The following we will introduce one by one for everyone.

Artificial stone bathtub: from environmentally friendly transparent resin, glass beads and aluminum powder and other several materials through mixing, casting, stitching and other processes, carefully polished. At the same time in the production process, according to customer demand, modulation of different colors, so that they get a different look.

Advantages: Artificial stone bathtub set a variety of advantages in one, it is to abandon the acrylic bathtub, ceramic bathtub and cast iron bathtub and other shortcomings coming out of the latest bathtub, is the trend and high-quality representatives.

Disadvantages: Since the artificial stone bathtub is set in a variety of advantages, then its requirements on the level of technology will be relatively high, so now the domestic mass production of artificial stone bathtub manufacturers is not too much. Currently specializing in artificial stone bathtub wholesale manufacturers among them, Foshan Langbiao sanitary ware factory is the production scale of a larger one.

Acrylic bathtub: Acrylic synthetic resin material made of bathtub, the texture is very lightweight.

Advantages: Acrylic material is relatively soft, so easy to process, so the type of bathtub and color is also very rich, so that consumers will have a greater choice of surface. At the same time, acrylic insulation effect of the bathtub is higher, the winter can be a long time insulation. Light weight, easy to transport and install, and surface scratches can be repaired.

Disadvantages: Acrylic bathtub surface easy to draw flowers.

Steel Bathtub: The steel tub is durable and usually made of steel with a thickness of 1.5-3mm, so the weight is already much lighter and the surface finish is considerably higher than the cast iron bath.

Advantages: Plate bath price cheaper, and lightweight, easy to install, this is its advantage.

Disadvantages: Due to the production process of steel plate bath, resulting in a more monotonous shape, and the insulation effect is poor, bath water injection noise is relatively large. At the same time, many steel plates on the market now use less than the thickness of the steel plate, under the load will sink. Enamel layer on the surface during transport and use, such as over-subjected to the impact of the glaze will occur, resulting in rusty cylinder can not be used.

Cast iron bathtub: Cast iron is an extremely durable material, the bathtubs made from it are usually of longer service life and generally can be used for more than 50 years. Cast iron bathtub in the production process, the surface after high temperature glazing, smooth, easy to clean.

Advantages: durable cast iron bathtub is the biggest advantage, in addition to its mild color, water injection noise, easy to clean.

Disadvantages: Because of the high cost of making cast iron bathtubs, the price of cast iron bathtubs is generally high. In addition, the more monotonous shape, color choices for consumers are not more, thermal insulation performance in general. At the same time, due to the material's sake, cast iron bathtub heavy weight, easy installation and transportation.

Wooden bathtub: spliced by the board, the outer hoops tight. Have the natural color of wood and smell, there is anti-Pu Genuine taste.

Advantages: strong insulation, deep cylinder, you can completely soak every part of the body, but also can be customized according to the requirements of consumers.

Disadvantages: high price of wooden bathtubs, usually need to be maintained to prevent water leakage deformation.

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