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Installation Techniques Of Face Basins (二)

- Nov 22, 2018 -

1、Characteristics of different Assembly methods for face basins
    a.Integrated basin and table in one, can be mounted independently with the wall, but also can be installed in combination with bathroom furniture, this basin is easy to clean.


 b.Hanging wall basin fixed on the wall, the height can be adjusted, save space, but the assembly process requirements are high.


 c.Circumscribed trimmed basin with curl edge, can be directly installed on the platform opening, simple and convenient.


d.Half-embedded basin half-embedded in the Mesa, suitable for narrow Mesa, save space, the overall shape is more beautiful.


 2.Attention should also be paid to the selection of basins:

    ①The table surface length and width should be more than 75 cm and 50 cm, regardless of safety and visual considerations, the effect is better.
    ②Half-inlaid basin does not occupy too much sanitary space, but not less than 70 cm away from the outer side of the platform basin can be occupied by the straight line distance.
    ③The bottom basin is cheap, easy to clean, but not convenient in installation and maintenance, the bottom must be installed and fixed to the wall, and the dis-assembly is complicated.
    ④The wall must be load-bearing, otherwise the wall must be more than 10 cm thick.

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