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Installation Techniques Of Face Basins (一)

- Nov 14, 2018 -

1. Selection of platform basin and column basin
    Need to consider the width and length of the installation position, the width of more than 52 centimeters, the length of more than 70 centimeters can be arbitrarily selected table basin or column basin; If the length of the installation position is less than 70 cm, the column basin should be selected to pay attention to the installation conditions, such as: whether it will affect the door switch

2. The difference between the platform basin and the bottom basin
    Platform basin is divided into platform basin and platform basin two kinds. This is not the difference of the basin itself, but the difference in installation. The basin projecting on the table is called the platform basin, and the basin that is completely depressed below the table surface is called the platform basin. Platform basin installation: relatively simple, only need according to the installation drawing in the Mesa predetermined position to open the hole, after the basin is placed in the hole, uses the glass glue to fill the slot to be able, when using the water of the table surface will not flow down the slot, therefore uses more in the family. Because the platform basin can make more changes in the shape. So in the style of choice on the larger, and decoration effect is more ideal. Bottom basin installation: after the overall appearance is clean and easy to take care of, but the basin and the surface of the junction is easier to hide dirt. In addition, the platform basin installation process requirements are high. Dis-assembly is complicated.

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