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How To Do Waterproof And Moisture-proof In Wooden Bathroom Furniture

- Jun 03, 2018 -

Many of the houses now have leakages in their sanitary bathrooms. How should we prevent them?

The choice of board is the key

Box board occupies a large part of bathroom furniture. If you want to choose a good bathroom furniture, the main materials can not be careless.

Warm tips: choose box plate not only to waterproof, moisture proof, in line with the national E1 standard environmental protection material is the key to protect family health.

Magic two: back protection is very important

In the process of selecting bathroom furniture, consumers must pay attention to the details of the back. The back plate with double decorative veneer can completely avoid the exposure of the base material of the density board, and water no longer has the opportunity to enter the plate from the back of the cabinet. It is a good helper for waterproof and moistureproof.

Warm reminder: in real life, it is impossible to completely remove the ubiquitous water droplets and water vapor after bathing. The veneer is not only waterproof, but also the guardian of prolonging the life of furniture.

Magic three: slight and more observation

The selection of bathroom furniture must pay attention to the small part of humanized design, which is the key factor for the success or failure of furniture purchase.

Warm tip: when choosing, you must not let go of small parts. Whether furniture is produced by professional observation can be a good idea.

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