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How To Distinguish Pure Acrylic And Compound Acrylic

- Sep 20, 2018 -

Acrylic board is divided into different kinds because of different components or different acrylic processing technology. How to distinguish pure acrylic and compound acrylic?

The amount of acrylic is mainly divided into two types: pure acrylic board and composite acrylic board.

1. Pure acrylic board: (MMA) acrylic artificial stone is the first developed by DuPont Co in the United States. It is made of "methyl methacrylate" (MMA) as matrix (commonly known as acrylic, plexiglass) + aluminum hydroxide (ATH) as filler. Commonly known as acrylic board. Acrylic board does not contain any other resins. The main feature is that the aging process is slow and can still retain its original quality for many years. It is bright and yellow. It is not easy to crack, heat-resistant, resistant to collision and strong plasticity. Acrylic board is not only environmentally friendly and hygienic material, but also can be used to make dentures without any effect on human body.

2. Composite acrylic: (UPR + MMA) is a kind of practical artificial stone between resin board and acrylic board, commonly known as composite acrylic. It has both the toughness and fineness of MMA, and its high strength. And the price is moderate, which is favored by middle and upper level consumers. It is difficult to distinguish visually. Generally, the price is first seen. The pure acrylic table made in China seems to be 1200-1600 meters. The imported DuPont Corinne is 2000-1 meters. The composite is about 900-1500-1 meters. These are quotations from medium or large cabinet companies. Small companies should be cheaper.

pure acrylic board  

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