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How To Choose The Acrylic Bathtub

- Apr 07, 2018 -

1, the quality of the Acrylic bathtub:

The acrylic bathtub cylinder is composed of the surface layer (acrylic layer) and the inner layer (glass fiber reinforced resin). The good quality acrylic bathtub surface layer is tightly combined, not stratified, and the surface is smooth as porcelain, smooth as a porcelain, flat as a mirror, and against the light, the plane has no undulating lines, polished lines, no warp, arc face directly. The radian standard, the cylinder body thickness uniform, light weight, strong and elastic, with the hand touch cylinder in the paste layer should be smooth, no powder, do not hold hands, the skirt and cylinder body joint close close, the gap is consistent.

2. Style and layout:

Acrylic bathtub style variety, rectangle, triangle, round, change shape; style classical, modern, European, Japanese, installation and so on, and so on, can be chosen more, specifically according to the bathroom decoration style and with the toilet bowl with the match, but the size should be Several principles to be considered are:

One can enter the bathroom door, put the position to leave, not just embedded into it, otherwise it will fail.

The problem of future maintenance should be considered.

(3) the problem of the size of the bathtub and the matching of the water heater. Generally speaking, the bath water for five of the length of one meter is about 150 litres to 200 litres. Considering the remaining amount of hot water, the gas water heater will be over /min above 15 litres, and the heat storage type water heater should be above 100 liters.

When choosing acrylic jar, we should pay attention to: the thickness of the acrylic cylinder is generally in the 3~10, generally the thicker and better, pay attention to the smoothness and integrity of the surface, pay attention to the fine cracks and defects, and do not buy the bathtub with orange peel on the surface.

3. Use function

Installing different accessories on Acrylic bathtub can make acrylic bathtub have many functions. Only the ordinary bathtub with faucet installed has little function and no heat preservation. Now few people use it. Nowadays, the bathtub with much more functions on the market is mainly the massage bathtub, and another kind of highly automatic bathtub is also gradually accepted.

The massage bathtub is divided into hydraulic massage, bubble massage, mixed massage and so on. Hydraulic massage is also called surf massage, using a large power pump to spray water out of the nozzle. The impact is massaged on the human body. At present, many small power pumps are also used for water massage. The advantages are no need to lay a lot of water. Pipeline; bubble massage is through the air pump to pressure the air into the water to produce a lot of bubbles, bubble burst produced by the shock wave to the body massage; mixed massage is the use of these two ways. The massage bathtub usually has to install electric heater at the outlet to compensate for the rapid drop of water temperature when massage, but this electric heater is not working and can not keep water temperature when not massaging, so many so-called "constant temperature bathtub" on the market is actually not true.

The bathtub is a new high-tech bathtub that has become popular at the beginning of this century. It uses the multi-function centralized control concept of the smart home CPU to the bathtub, loading the central control system inside the acrylic bathtub, the circulating heating system with the heat source, the mixed massage system and so on, so that the current bathtub has a preset water temperature water. The function, automatically according to the program to complete the water, heating, reminding, heat preservation and other functions, the most tedious bathing work - bathing water, the bathtub automatically completed, so not only easy to operate but also to achieve a bath bath bubble bath real constant temperature bath. Touch and touch buttons, liquid crystal and digital visual display function make users feel convenient and practical.

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