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Common Troubles And Treatment Of Leading Shower

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Abnormal phenomenon :

1. The amount of water is small Cause analysis:The bubbling filter screen is blocked, the impurities in the valve core are blocked, and the water pressure in the inlet water source is too small.

processing method:Clean the screen, remove the spool, clean the sundries, and check the water source.

2.Leakage of valve core or no water:Fracture of spool shaft handle, discounts or damage of valve core bottom washer, spool valve core of valve core, unlocked valve core plastic shell damage or disopening valve core turning or block. processing method:

Replace spool, re install spool or replace gasket, replace spool, fastening nut, replace spool, add lubrication on ceramic sheet.

3、Leakage of water outlet:The valve spool is damaged, not installed, the foaming device without impaction processing method:Replace the spool, reload the valve core, tighten the bubble device.

4、Sprinkler or top sprayed water:Sprinkler fittings damage, cracks Spool spool  processing method:

Replace the sprinkler or top spray and replace the spool

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