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Classification Of Basins

- Sep 27, 2018 -

1. according to the form can be divided into: column basin, platform basin. The platform basin can be divided into platform basin and platform basin.


2.Column basin:More suitable for small area or not very high utility toilet (such as living room), generally speaking, most of the column basin design is very simple, because drainage components can be hidden in the column of the column, thus giving a clean, Clean appearance, and when washing hands, the human body can naturally stand in front of the basin, thus more convenient and comfortable to use.

Column basin 

3.Table basin:It is suitable for installation in the larger area of toilet, can make natural stone or artificial stone table with it, but also can be customized under the table bathroom cabinet, full of bathroom supplies, beautiful,practical.Table basin

4.Platform basin:

Installation is relatively simple, only need according to the installation drawing in the table at a predetermined position hole, after the basin is placed in the hole, with glass glue to fill the gap can be, practical table water will not flow down the gap. Because table modelling, style variety, and decoration effect is ideal, so in the family use more.

Platform basin 

 5. Subterranean basin:

The installation process is very high. First of all, we need to make the mounting bracket according to the size of the table bottom basin, then install the table bottom basin in a predetermined position, and then fix the bracket to the wall of the table cover which has already been perforated. Angle iron is generally used to support the countertop and then fixed with the wall. The overall appearance of the table basin neat, relatively easy to take care of, so the use of more public places.

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