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Bathtub VS Shower Room, In The End The Bathroom Which One Better?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

1 space size

If your bathroom is relatively small, and does not exceed 5 square meters, then the proposal is to choose a shower room. If the bathroom is spacious enough, then you can choose according to your preference. This is a rainy area covers a relatively large area, if you choose a shower room, then save the space or even set the washing machine.

2 wet and dry separation

If you want to say the separation of wet and dry, then it is definitely more superior shower room, shower room and more for a fully enclosed space, and

The lower confined space and retaining strips provide a good barrier against water spills. The use of the bathtub is easy to sprinkle the water outside, which are commonplace.

3 comfort aspects

If from comfort, it is certainly more comfortable bathtub, we can lie comfortably in a bath. The shower room can only stand shower, poor people who waist and legs, it seems a bit inconvenient.

4 cleanliness

In general, the shower room will be better cleaned, as long as the stains on the glass door stains clean and clear. The bathtub needs to be cleaned before each use, it will be a little laborious.

5 safe to use

From the point of view of the safety of use, the shower room is very wet when in use, and can slip easily if there is no mat on the shower or no slipper. The interior wall of the bathtub is more, when it will be easier to slip. But in comparison, the shower room will be more secure.

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