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Bathroom Renovation Stainless Steel Sink Purchase Standards Is What

- Dec 01, 2017 -

What is the standard stainless steel sink - empty

Slot holes in the posterior, central, lateral position, and the bit is the best, so that the lower part of the cabinet has more available space, followed by the side. In the material, its hardness and gloss are generally stainless steel. Selection of light, wear-resistant, high temperature and anti-aging steel. Election can make the surface smooth, anti-side leakage and the effective volume of the basin.

Stainless steel sink standard is what - category

There are three types of stainless steel sinks, including single sinks, double sinks and triple sinks. Different models will not be the same size, in general, the size of stainless steel sink under normal circumstances or more standard. The size of a single slot is 68 * 45cm more models, 50 * 40cm is relatively small; the size of the two slots generally 75 * 40cm, 81 * 43cm, 77 * 43cm and 78 * 43cm is more common; three slots The general is * 48cm, 103 * 50cm is more common.

What is the standard stainless steel sink - sink size

Sink size 300 * 300mm, 400 * 400mm and 500 * 500mm (single and double) and 600 * 600mm (single and double slots, the specific should be based on the actual situation of the kitchen as the best kitchen sink according to the material to There are many types of points, according to the style to have several types, the size of the specific size and material should be based on the decision.

What is the standard stainless steel sink - brand

The thickness of the stainless steel sink is about 0.8 to 1mm is good, 1mm quality is relatively good. Sink some of the more professional brands, there may be some differences in the production of a variety of brands, the top ten brands of sinks like Olene, Franca and Moen and Chard, and Merlin, etc. These brands All fine.

What is the standard stainless steel sink - the overall effect

Sink depth, the depth is generally greater than 180mm best, the deeper the basin, the amount of washing large, you can splash-proof. The flatness is the most intuitive quality and quality standards. The general should float between +0.1 mm, processing accuracy is good and beautiful. Sewer fittings precision parts to rigid PP / PVC material prevail, the material will be anti-clogging block, no leakage drip.

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