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Bathroom Is Too Small Wet And Dry Separation? Small Bathroom Benefits

- Dec 01, 2017 -

After the shower the bathroom full of water vapor? Bath water splashed on the ground are? Sometimes accidentally slipping? Did not do wet and dry separation of the bathroom, simply frenzied. So what is the difference between a wet and dry bathroom? What should you pay attention to when decorating? The wet / dry separation includes the separation of the shower area from the toilet seat, basin area, or between the bathroom and the sink. Popular point, "dry" refers to the hand wash station, "wet" means the bathroom.

Through the shower curtain separation

Shower curtain is a wet and dry bathroom separation is the most simple and beautiful way, bathtub essential artifact. But the disadvantage is that it can not effectively block the water vapor, water stains splashed on it easy to mold, need regular cleaning.

Hand wash station moved outside

If these do not like, you can try to split the bathroom in two, wash the table and pool outside the bathroom. Completely isolated from the water when bathing. However, slightly larger space, small size is not recommended in this way.

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