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Bathroom Care Tips And Tricks Bathtub Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Road

- Dec 01, 2017 -

In people's lives, in fact, there are many small coup, not a television program, called "coup, grandstand, there is trick you come", this program is to introduce people to life coup, make people's lives easier , Bathtub maintenance and cleaning, what are the ways?

First, the newspaper cleaning method

Newspapers, suitable for removal of surface dirt and hair, newspapers, and now many people should have, this is a very convenient cleaning method, put some hot water in the bathtub, and then push the newspaper, on the bathtub, floating On the water, after some time, the newspaper gently took out the newspaper with hair and dirt.

Second, stockings cleaning method

Stockings clean, easy and convenient, but also to avoid wear and tear, clean stockings blend into a ball, gently wipe the surface, what is the benefit of this method? Silk stockings is very thin, will not scratch the surface, do not need detergent.

Third, the liquor white liquor law to clean, you can remove the dirt, but also to remove the odor, the white water diluted with water, and then spray in the bathtub, and then wipe the dirt in the tub deep, brush the brush with alcohol first, whichever cleansing , To maintain ventilation, so that wine can be spilled.

Fourth, routine maintenance methods

 Bath, not only to clean, in daily use, but also maintenance, when cleaning, with a neutral detergent, the tool should also be soft, clean, to be dry. Do not place some metallic objects in the bathtub, otherwise, metal rust will pollute the bathtub.

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