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Artificial Stone Bathtub Countertops Maintenance How To Do

- Feb 06, 2018 -

man-made stone countertops maintenance

1, do not put hot objects directly or long-term placed on artificial stone countertops;

2, do not use artificial stone countertops for cutting board use;

3, artificial stone surface should try to keep dry;

4, to prevent potent chemical contact artificial stone surface;

5, remove the majority of smudges and dirt on the surface of artificial stone, you can use soapy water or detergent containing ammonia according to the ingredients (such as: detergent);

6, remove the scale of artificial stone surface, you should use a wet cloth to remove the scale and then wipe with a dry cloth;

7, a knife marks, if the requirements of matte finish is matte, polished with 400-600 sandpaper until the marks disappear, and then clean with detergent and restore the status quo.

Relative to the natural stone, man-made stone more gorgeous color, surface brightness and cleanliness higher, and wear-resistant, waterproof and, more importantly, radioactive than natural stone is much lower, are environmentally friendly stone. Therefore, consumers may wish to buy artificial stone to create artificial stone countertops, artificial stone bathtub, artificial stone wash basin and other man-made stone bathroom products.

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