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Analysis Of Development Status Of Bathroom Industry

- Sep 07, 2018 -

Bathroom is a space for daily public health activities such as bathing, bathing and washing. Generally refers to bathroom supplies. After more than 20 years of development, the bathroom industry has gradually grown and expanded. However, in recent years, the bathroom market has always been turbulent due to a series of unstable factors in the domestic and international environment. Under the influence of the housing market depression, raw material prices, excess capacity and anti-dumping in the international market, the domestic sanitary ware industry is in a downturn, which makes the competition between enterprises increasingly fierce.

 Downstream market demand rebound

 At present, China is one of the largest ceramic bathroom products market in the world, accounting for more than 37% of the global ceramic bathroom output value. Despite the rapid development of China's bathroom market, China's per capita expenditure on bathroom products is far behind that of developed countries. In 2014, China spent about 62.8 yuan per capita on bathroom products, equivalent to 33.8 percent of the United States.

 Bathroom industry welcomes 100 billion market

 With the rapid growth of China's economy, the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous increase of residents'disposable income, the market size of China's bathroom products has increased rapidly from 85 billion yuan in 2013 to 108 000 yuan in 2014, according to the statistics released by the Institute of Prospective Industry Research in the "Analysis Report on Market Prospects and Investment Planning for the Whole Sanitary Ware Industry". Billion yuan, by 2017, the scale of China's bathroom products reached 169 billion yuan. In addition, in the non-ceramic bathroom, massage bathtub and SPA spa is an important part of Europe and North America has a huge market. In 2014, global sales of massage bathtubs and SPA spas were about 333,100; sales are expected to reach 689,800 in 2018.

 Meanwhile, the penetration rate of China's ceramic bathroom products increased rapidly from 42.4% in 2008 to 45.7% in 2014. A Research Center predicts that the penetration rate of ceramic bathroom products in China will reach 59.3% in 2017, and the increase of penetration rate will effectively drive the sales of related ceramic bathroom products to grow rapidly.

 Intelligent bathroom has become a hot "baboon", whether the market prospects or profit levels, more and more bathroom enterprises covet, so that other cross-border giants yearn. Intelligent bathroom has become the main incentive for many bathroom enterprises to get involved in.

 Local bathroom, international bathroom, cross-border bathroom three-day smart bathroom market, more and more entrants, market competition will become increasingly fierce, or to promote industry renewal and rapid progress and evolution, or integration of market resources to eliminate the weak and promote industrial upgrading, this market is full of variables The game and competition will become more and more pleasant with the progress of science and technology and the upgrading of industry.

Industrial clusters promote transformation and upgrading of industries

 In the process of transformation and upgrading, bathroom enterprises can absolutely rely on each other to integrate product resources, market channels, design resources, human resources and other resources, accelerate the integration of cooperation between brand enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, and accelerate the cooperation and exchange between domestic and foreign design institutions. Many household building materials enterprises, including bathroom enterprises, will have resources to share in R&D, production, marketing and service. As long as attention is paid to integration, there will be a lot of interoperability value. Sanitary ware enterprises can promote industrial upgrading and form a competitive industrial cluster through resource integration.

 Energy saving and emission reduction is imminent.

 Economic development, health and environmental protection has become the mainstream consumer trend. In order to better adapt to the market, the concept is more popular in the world. Therefore, pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, improve water-saving technology, so that bathroom meets all aspects of demand. Good bath is not only for the convenience of life, but also a way to enjoy life.

(The content is from China's consumer network.)


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