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What types of bathtubs and advantages and disadvantages

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Bathtub according to the production of materials: can be divided into cast iron bathtub, acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub, wooden tub, etc .; In general, due to acrylic insulation, weight, shape and other aspects of cost-effective, so now popular bathtub with acrylic Accounting for the vast majority of others, only a small part of their advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

Acrylic bathtub - a larger market share, the surface of acrylic material polyacrylic acid methyl ester, the back of the resin gypsum plus glass fiber. Advantages: easy to shape; good thermal insulation; good gloss; light weight, easy to install; shape, rich color change. Due to the above features, acrylic bathtub cheaper. Disadvantages: the relative ceramic, enamel surface, the shortcomings of acrylic material is easy to hang dirty, poor high temperature ability;

Cast iron bathtub - Made of cast iron with enamel finish. Advantages: long life, high grade, easy to clean, due to cylinder wall thickness, thermal insulation performance is also very good. And cast iron cylinder gloss, the service life is the longest of the three tanks. Cast iron bathtub acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance are better than similar products. Disadvantages: weight is very substantial, so handling, installation has difficulty. Also because of many factors, cast iron bathtub prices than acrylic and steel bathtub are much more expensive, the price is the most expensive.

Plate Bathtub - Steel plate cylinder is about the thickness of about 2 mm bathtub dedicated steel plate by stamping, surface enamel processing and made. Advantages: It has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, weight between the cast iron cylinder and acrylic cylinder, insulation effect is lower than the cast iron cylinder, but the long service life, the overall cost is high. Not easy to hang dirty, good clean, not easy to fade, lasting luster, and easy to shape, low cost. Disadvantages: Due to the thin steel plate, not enough solidity, noise, easy to remove the surface of the porcelain, insulation performance is not good, so some added insulation.

Wooden tub - Material Phoebe, cypress, oak, fir, pine and so on. Phoebe tub of the best overall performance, but rarely seen on the market. Pine, fir tub easily damp, black, moldy, poor overall performance. Advantages: with thermal insulation, environmental protection, small footprint, easy to clean, long life, easy installation and so on. Disadvantages: In the case of long-term dry, easy to crack, so if not long-term, to put some water in the barrel.

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