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What is the meaning of the bathroom?

- Jan 14, 2018 -

The bathroom is for daily living public health activities in urine bathing washing and other space. Generally, it refers to sanitary ware. At this stage, bathroom is not only a simple bathroom, but with the acceleration of people's pace of life and the demand for various products, there are colorful bathroom supplies.

Literally is sanitary and bath, commonly known as the bathroom is mainly used for bathing room, space and supplies for daily living activities, health bath, toilet and urine.

The selection of bathroom equipment should be considered for personal life habits and functional needs. Besides, the allocation of space is also a factor that influences purchase evaluation. In view of the size and distribution of the space, it is very important to choose the shape of the bathroom. Generally speaking, the most suitable rectangular tub small square meters of space, but it is easy to appear flat, 1/4 arc bathtub accounted for less space than the general type bathtub full of changes, only in the set, we must find the most suitable for the corner or wall to separate, not too obtrusive; circular bathtub is more suitable for the number of Da Ping the bathroom space, oven, steam room and other SPA equipment must also have plenty of space to fully play the effect.

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