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what is artificial stone?

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Study of artificial stone called solid surface material, with methyl methacrylate (PMMA), unsaturated polyester resin and other polymer materials as matrix, using natural mineral powder, particles as fillers, pigments and other auxiliary agents, polymer composite materials, through vacuum stirring casting or molding.

Artificial stone has many advantages, such as innocuity, no radioactivity, flame retardancy, no sticky oil, no seep, antibacterial, mildew proof, wear resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless splicing and arbitrary modeling. It is gradually becoming one of the indispensable materials for decoration and building materials.

Artificial stone products, including cabinet counter, service desk, cash register, reception desk, bar, sand table, engineering decoration, artificial stone, etc., are widely used in our daily life because of their unique characteristics.

Because the hardness of artificial stone is between natural stone and wood, the scratch resistance of artificial stone meshwork and artificial stone is slightly inferior to that of quartz stone, but even scratches can be repaired by grinding.

Pure acrylic artificial stone is generally imported, such as DuPont Corian, LG hi-macs and other excellent performance, compared to domestic pure acrylic and acrylic composite artificial stone products, scratch resistant is relatively good, generally with the nail in the above drawing, will not leave traces.

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Hangzhou Haishu Industrial Co.Ltd is located in xiaoshan District,  Hangzhou City. The company was founded in 2009. After five years of developing, the sales has been grown by 40%-50% by annual year. We've also won "The Top Ten Brand of Sanitary Ware In Xiaoshan District". The main products of our company is acrylic basin, acrylic bathtub, acrylic solid surface basin, shower room, Bathroom cabinet.

Our Factory

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acrylic solid surface basin, acrylic solid surface basin.

Product Application

acrylic solid surface can be used as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and shower and tub surrounds. 

Our Certificate

National Research Center Of Testing Technique For Building Materials.

Production Equipment

Spaying machine

Production Market

40% domestic market, 20% America market, 20% Europe Market, 20% others.

Our service

My company's product quality assurance period for: 2 years (non-artificial damage and the quality problem of the product itself damage, according to the product the one-to-one compensation) after warranty problems, help customers to solve issues according to the product.

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