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What is acrylic?

- Dec 23, 2017 -

You may have heard of acrylic, but you do not necessarily know acrylic.

Many people mistakenly believe that acrylic is "plastic." In fact, acrylic is a highly stable polymer material, high technology content, which is more than a century man invented a very magical industrial materials, is widely used in military, aviation, electronics, Medical and other high-tech fields.

In fact, you come into contact with you everyday. Do you know the windshield of the airplane? That's actually acrylic. It withstands the tremendous pressure on the supersonic and huge temperature shocks in minutes. McDonald's and KFC's signboards are also acrylic, long-term outdoor sun and rain, and also Will not be damaged, will not fade; now popular IPHONE mobile phone, it's touch panel is acrylic, very wearable, not easy to damage; In addition, acrylic is also used in advanced ophthalmic lenses, artificial teeth, high-end cabinet countertops, Environmental protection, very durable. At this point, you may find a secret: Any acrylic-related products, are basically high-end products, good quality and high prices.

Acrylic has many advantages, such as high light, anti-aging, radiation lower than human bones radiation, almost no water absorption, toughness, warm touch, easy to clean, easy to repair, multi-color and so on. Acrylic used in sanitary ware industry, the advantages are even more prominent:

Low-carbon environment, healthy and stylish.

Colorful, diverse styles, to meet a variety of decoration style.

Toughness, can withstand 300g ball 1.5 meters drop hit.

Water absorption is almost zero (the national standard is less than 0.5%), so acrylic toilets will not smelly.

Repairable strong, if there is a slight abrasion, just gently wipe with toothpaste, you can as bright as new.

Since 1948 the world's first acrylic bathtub was born in the United States, it quickly became popular all over the world. At present, most bathtubs in the world are made of acrylic materials. Is also widely used in military, aviation, medical, electronics, sanitary ware and other fields.


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