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what do ordinary bathtubs do?

- Feb 16, 2018 -

The bathtub is becoming more and more part of life. It's a pleasure to get home and take a hot bath all day. But after the bathtub is unavoidable to meet the bathtub failure, let the whale bathroom to tell us the professional knowledge of the bathtub maintenance.

1. leakage: water leakage is a common problem in the maintenance of the bathtub. What are the solutions? This is a specific analysis of specific problems.

(1) the nozzle is leaking, check whether the nozzle and the water pipe are sealed, if so, the water pipe is unloaded and the pipe is reconnected with the hose.

(2) the faucet leaks, see whether the spool of the faucet is damaged, if there is a crack, the trachoma, and so on, a new OK is changed.

(3) the water device link, a common cause of water leakage is the water device link problems or plugging or cracks, find the reason to solve it well!

(4) water leakage at the motor, check the damage of the inlet and outlet hose, whether the motor water seal is damaged, and if it is broken, it must be replaced.

2. no water: the bathtub apart from the serious leakage of water, there is a point is not water, this is really really urgent ah! What are the reasons for the lack of water? What are the troubleshooting? Ten big brands of bathtub: http://www.jieju.cn/pinpai/brands3.html

(1) the bathtub faucet, first to see whether the bathtub faucet is blocked with foreign objects, if the bad will be changed Oh!

(2) out of the pipe, see whether the water pipe has been folded, folded the word repair is good!

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