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What are the advantages of the acrylic bathtub

- May 06, 2018 -

The official name of the acrylic bathtub is fiberglass reinforced plastic bathtub (acrylic is a homophonic English ACRYLIC). The surface material is methyl methacrylate, which is coated with glass fiber and reinforced with special resin. The bathtub should have uniform color and smooth surface without stratification and bubbles. The surface thickness is generally more than 3 millimeters, and is firmly combined with glass fiber without stripping.

Acrylic bathtub is slow in heat transfer, so it has good thermal insulation and no cold feeling on the surface. Compared with cast iron or steel bathtub, it has a feeling of "warmth and softness" and does not touch the body. Because of the better reprocessing performance of acrylic, the luxurious massage bathtub is beyond it.

When the acrylic bathtub is installed, the bottom of the acrylic bathtub should be covered with yellow sand cement paste. It can not be empty or rely on only a few supporting points to avoid breakage. In use, we should prevent sharp and hard objects from bumping against rubbing. When cleaning, apply soft cloth and detergent to wipe gently. Avoid using scouring pad. Once wiping hair is found, wipe it with soft cloth and toothpaste to restore luster.

Transparent furniture has always provided a variety of personality choices to the avant-garde petty bourgeoisie in a non mainstream way. However, a few pieces of glass furniture bursting incident, let people to transparent furniture although heart to heart but still lingering fear. "Fragile" has become the pronoun of transparent furniture. How can it be transparent? Look at how the other transparent material furniture on the market quietly sells to us.

Acrylic is a byproduct from deep-sea oil. In fact, a careful understanding of the material of acrylic, will find it is not so magical, it is also a kind of organic glass, the common transparent mobile phone display is made of it.

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Although it is also a kind of glass, acrylic is less fragile than glass, and its impact resistance is 200 times stronger than that of ordinary glass. Its bearing capacity varies with the thickness, thicker and thicker. In the interview process, the reporter found that a acrylic table is transparent and transparent, a change of glass furniture in the support of the selection of stainless steel and other material with better weight bearing material, from head to foot is all acrylic, it can be seen that its capacity is not general. Acrylic has a hard side, but also has a flexible feature, it is very suitable for modeling, bending angle can be achieved through technology. Its thermal insulation performance is also better than glass, unlike glass "cold to the end", but this also led to its cooling capacity is relatively poor. This material is most afraid of sharp scratches, but this scratch is also easy to repair. Ordinary toothpaste can be wiped.

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