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Three major issues ceramic sanitary ware inventory imbalance in the row

- Dec 01, 2017 -

In the fast-growing economy of China, ceramic sanitary ware industry has gradually become one of the most important industries in China with the development of time and technology. However, ceramic sanitary ware industry is becoming increasingly prominent while the industry is growing day by day. . So what are the current ceramic industry problems?

Problem One: The industrial distribution is not balanced, the development of the producing areas is unbalanced, and the production and marketing are unbalanced

Ceramic production has obvious regional, now mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Shandong, Fujian and other provinces. In these areas, the ceramic industry has a solid foundation and a complete system, which has a wide range of radiation effects and offers many employment opportunities. It has become a traditional pillar industry in the region and made a significant contribution to the local economic construction. In the meantime, over-concentration of ceramic enterprises in some regions also occurred. With the continuous expansion of enterprises, the continuous expansion of production lines and the continuous expansion of production led to serious overcapacity and unbalanced supply and demand, resulting in serious pollution and depletion of resources in the region. In the northwest, northeast, Inner Mongolia and other regions, the limited overall economic level, despite the resource advantages, but the overall level of the ceramic industry backward, there may be huge room for development.

Second, serious environmental pollution, high energy consumption, excessive exploitation of pottery resources

The ceramic industry itself is a high-energy-consuming and highly-polluting industry. Large amounts of mineral resources and energy are consumed in the production process, resulting in serious pollution to the environment such as waste gas, waste water, waste residue and dust. In some high-density ceramics industry, economically developed areas, the ceramic industry on the air, land and other environmental pollution is particularly serious. In many places over-exploitation of non-renewable mineral resources has greatly damaged the ecological environment, and the recycling of ceramic wastes has basically been left blank. This situation not only led to the domestic mineral resources, excessive energy consumption, but also hindered the sustainable development of China's ceramic industry.

Third, the industry's low profit margins, low quality of products serious

Although our country is a large ceramic producer, it is not a power. Middle and low-grade products, lower added value, the price is not high in the international market. Overcapacity of ceramics, oversupply, enterprises compete for the market, competing to lower prices, industry profits continue to decline. Enterprises lack the ability of independent innovation, serious product homogeneity, the competitiveness of the international market is not strong.

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