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These kinds of things do not put on the bathroom? Many people do not know!

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Toilets placed in the bathroom, bath, toilet, which is very common, conditional bath and shower will be isolated to do the wet and dry separation. Even if the decoration to achieve healthy separation, but the use of the process of placing and cleaning is the most important, details defeat the health, so how to layout the bathroom is correct, how to avoid the toilet misunderstanding, we discuss next ~

Towel, paper towels, toothbrushes are used every day, we naturally put in the bathroom inside. The correct approach is to keep everything away from the toilet as much as possible. The towels are cleaned and exposed daily. The tissues are placed in a covered tissue box, and the toothbrush can be stored in the locker. Each flush toilet, will spill a large number of bacteria, it is easy to attach to the exposed items, think it is dirty. It is recommended not to use toilet pads, it is easy to breed bacteria to cultivate bacteria - a lot of people dressing in the bathroom, dressed, habitually put cosmetics also inside.

Bathing, high temperature and humidity of the environment can easily make cosmetics deterioration. Nutritious cosmetics, itself is nourishing bacteria. Can be a make-up area alone, isolated from the bathroom. After bathing, towels, wet mops are often hung on the side, in the hot and humid bathroom environment, it is easy to be polluted. When the sun is sunny, the sun is drying and the sunlight is sunk - the paper basket becomes standard in the toilet, and it is the cradle for bacteria in the rubbish. When the weather is hot, there will be unpleasant smells.

Suggest the use of flip paper baskets, ground down garbage. Many people like to play cell phones while reading the toilet, these friends should be careful constipation and hemorrhoids oh ~

I hope you keep the bathroom good ventilation and lighting, regular cleaning hand basin, floor and toilet, clean bathroom with only health.

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