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The type of shower room

- Mar 15, 2018 -

1. From the functional division, it is divided into the simple shower room and the whole shower room. The simple shower room is more common. It will be used in modern bathroom. Its products will be customized according to the actual situation. The simplest function is to separate splashes from the shower area, so as not to cause water stains in the dry area. And the overall shower room can achieve a good multi-functional performance of bathroom, generally less engaged.

2. From the classification of style, the simple shower room is divided into the corner shower room, the one font shower room and the circular arc shower room. In accordance with the shower door form, also points to sliding door, folding door and door. Generally, the simple shower room is not sealed, its simple structure, from the quality, pay more attention to the observation of the durability and safety of its glass and hardware components. If the landlord is the pursuit of beautiful and practical, we can go to the local store to see the shower room.

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