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The cleaning method of the acrylic bathtub is as follows:

- Mar 26, 2018 -

1, not to wipe the bathtub with material coarse cloth, steel ball, cleaning cloth and other hard surfaces, otherwise it will wear a bath.

2, you can use neutral liquid cleaners (such as dish detergent, glass water, etc.) or soft cloth and sponges, or wipe and clean the old newspaper.

3, can not use a wear property or high alkaline cleaning products.

4, the bathtub cleaning at least one month to have two times to reduce the growth of bacteria.

5. There are some simple ways to clean the bathtub. Such as vinegar bubble, the rag soaked in vinegar, and then put the rag on the spot with stains, static overnight, the next day with soda powder with vinegar to wash the place, stains will be clean.

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