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The artificial stone quartzite should be divided

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Family stone table generally includes two kinds of artificial stone and natural stone. Artificial stone and natural stone platform use the same effect, but the cost is much cheaper. Reporters learned that, as a complementary product of durable goods and some products, people usually have little knowledge of table tops. Only when there are problems on the table, will they replace them. In fact, the selection of a table are not vague, especially to distinguish between business calls the quartz stone and artificial stone have what distinction.

Bewilderment: the difference between the two kinds of stone is not clear

Recently the home table bad need to replace Mr. Xie told reporters that he visited several cabinet stores found that businesses in the cabinets and other furniture with stone countertops, all love the quartz stone and artificial stone countertops separately, but what is the difference between the two, he also don't know.

The reporter has learned that quartz stone is also a kind of artificial stone. Artificial stone is made of artificial stone by equipment. But people are accustomed to the ordinary calcium plate or aluminum plate, acrylic and other acrylic stone as a man-made stone, and separate the quartzite. The artificial stone is wear-resistant, acid resistant and high temperature resistant, and the functions of compression and anti pollution are strong, and can be repeatedly worn and refurbished. The hardness of quartz stone is slightly higher than that of artificial stone, which is more resistant to high temperature and resistance, but its modeling is single, and it can not be used as a complex model. In the market, the quartzite table is generally more expensive than the artificial stone table.

Buy: a key draw glance

Consumers encounter table replacing damaged, facing the market to buy dragons and fishes jumbled together, "piercing eye".

First, the quartz stone is harder than artificial Shi Jian, and the artificial stone table is easily scratched out. Consumers can take the keys carried on the back of the sample stone and draw out traces of artificial stones, which are not quartzite.

Secondly, we should pay attention to brand and price when buying. The stone quality of the big brand is guaranteed. And some small brands in quality, including the overall color, environmental protection and so hard to guarantee. The price, the price in the middle of artificial stone around 1000 yuan per square meter, while the same grade quartz stone Zegui 200~300 yuan.

Finally, when choosing the stone, we should try to compare the composition of the product as much as possible, and ask the seller to show the inspection report of the product and the certificate of after sale.

Maintenance: wipe with edible oil

After the buy quality of artificial stone countertops, if not properly maintained, the table is easy to become yellow face". Although the heat-resistant ability of the artificial stone table can reach 140 degrees C, it should be avoided as far as the hot pot and hot water pot are directly contacted with the table surface.

In addition, artificial stone table in daily maintenance, can drop one or two drops of edible oil, and then wipe evenly with a rag. Because no matter quartz or artificial stone, there will be pores on the surface. After rubbing, the oil will penetrate into the pores and clog up the pores. Then dirty things will not infiltrate. This kind of maintenance is economical and can extend the service life of the table.

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