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Talking about the use of bathtub and shower

- Jul 07, 2018 -

To save energy, we should pay attention to lay a good foundation from home decoration, while improving the comfort and safety of living, and decorate a home with energy saving and water saving.

Faucet flow control valve

At present, the common household kitchen and toilet faucet are all control type, often difficult to control the flow, inadvertently increase the water consumption, in fact, can be installed under the faucet flow control valve, according to the housing tap water pressure to control the flow of water, thus saving water, the flow of scour and comfort are also all Better. If the choice of hardware can not be in place, it is necessary to leave room, such as faucet, sanitary ware, the purchase should be the international standard when buying, so that when there is a satisfactory product or economic license, it will be changed no later.

Bathtub and shower are used in combination

In the impression of people, the shower is more water-saving than the bathtub, but from the practice, the installation of a new type of bathtub with less water in the decoration and with the shower can be used to achieve the effect of water saving. Bathtub mainly rely on circulating water and volume to save water, the length of the bathtub under 1.5 meters, although the depth is deeper than the ordinary bathtub, but more water-saving than the ordinary bathtub. Moreover, the design of the functional line that fits the human sitting posture will not cause much loss of water. Because the bottom area of the cylinder is small, it is easier to stand than the general bathtub. It is especially suitable for the elderly and children. At the same time, it can be used together with shower.

Installation of male urinals

If there are men in the home, and the toilet is relatively large, it is suggested that a male toilet should be installed at the same time when the toilet is installed, which is a good choice either from the water saving or from the sanitary and convenient point of view. The installation of male urinal is not only convenient for the elderly and children, but also has the effect of preventing the pollution and safety and health of the toilet, and it can save water. At least, the water consumption per flush is less than the toilet.

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