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Solve the water spill and enjoy the quality shower

- May 13, 2018 -

Now, in pursuit of the comfort of the shower, the sprinkler of the shower will be designed very much, which means that the more water is stored in the sprinkler after the tap is closed. After the use of the sprinkler, the internal pressure and atmospheric pressure are in a state of balance, so the water inside will not flow out for a while. After a period of time, the balance is lost, and the water will flow out.

So, in our daily life, it is often the problem that it will come out after the shower is turned off, and sometimes it turns off for a long time, and the water comes out suddenly, but every time it doesn't flow... This is the problem of the sprinkler, not the water or the leaking water. It's broken. But if the sprinkler keeps leaking, it is really a problem.

How to judge whether the sprinkler is really leaking

Method 1: cover the outlet of the sprinkler head with the palm of the hand, blow air on the inlet with the mouth and check if the water is leaking. If there is a leak, the head of the flower is really leaking.

Method two: in the case of water sprinkler head, when it comes out of the water, it can be slightly reversed. It is easy to see whether the sprinkler head is leaking.

The solution to the water leakage of the flower

1. The leakage of the head of the flower head to the ball

First, to turn the flower head off the steering ring, find the O ring inside or a similar seal, then replace it, and then turn the flower head back to the place.

Two. Leakage at the joint of the head handle of the flower head

Choose suitable shower hose and faucet according to the specifications, and replace the rubber ring to reinstall it.

Three, a leaking water from a sundrie or a sediment

In such cases, the shower heads should be cleaned and cleaned, and vinegar can be used to soak parts and scrub parts if necessary. In addition, if the sprinkler head is adjustable spray type, carefully check all movable parts to see if there are excessive wear marks. If the rotary handle can not move smoothly or the internal cam is broken, the whole shower head needs to be replaced.

Four. The fine water of the sprinkler head is mixed with the coarse and fine mixture

At this time, it is necessary to adjust the head of the sprinkler, if not, a small round cap in the middle of the flower head is opened with a screwdriver; after opening the sprinkler head, rinse with clear water, and the toothbrush can be used to brush the sprinkler holes, and then install and restore.

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