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Solve the smell of the decoration of the coup

- Dec 01, 2017 -

The new house after the effective removal of odor can not only improve the quality of living, more importantly, to protect the health of their families.

First, with the law of tea

Will boil the blisters of tea, tea should be placed more to ensure that the water concentration should be enough, when the tea steam is volatile, with plastic keg to its points into the fumigation of various rooms. After the water is cool, the water is heated again, so several times, the taste of the interior decoration is drastically reduced.

Second, with plant law

Bluegrass, cactus, aloe and other plants suitable for indoor placement, low prices, and beautify the environment. In the case of no occupancy, bedroom, living room can be placed every 2 square meters to put a basin. Within one month, decoration taste will be significantly reduced. Aloe vera can also play a role as a monitor of indoor environmental pollution, when the indoor air quality is poor, the leaf table will grow a lot of small spots.

Third, the food law

The pineapple, orange peel, pepper, onion, etc. into small parts, placed in all corners of the room, as well as the decoration of the most flavorful place, the general decoration within a week greatly reduced the taste.

Fourth, with activated carbon

Activated carbon is an internationally recognized drug addicts, 50 grams per square small charcoal can be effectively absorbed methanol and benzene and other toxic and harmful gases.

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