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Selecting and buying skills of shower room

- Mar 15, 2018 -

1. look at the glass

(1) whether the glass is transparent or not, there are some defects, such as miscellaneous points, bubbles and so on.

Brief analysis: the defects of glass materials such as impurity points and bubbles can be made by the imperfection or process defects of making glass materials, so as to reduce the hardness and strength of the glass.

See whether there is a 3C certification on the original glass.

Brief analysis: 3C certification is the abbreviation of China's mandatory product certification, and shower room products can not be sold without this logo.

Look at the fully tempered glass fragment

Analysis: according to the national standard toughened glass, the safety of each 50*50mm should be more than 40 grains, and 2. of the aluminum materials

A look at the hardness of aluminum

Analysis: shower room aluminum materials often need to support dozens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of glass weight, if hardness and thickness is not enough, shower life will be very short, all aluminum materials hardness and thickness is an important assessment index. The thickness of the qualified aluminum material in the shower room is above 1.2mm, and the glass aluminum material for walking on the rail is more than 1.5mm. The hardness of the aluminum can be tested by the hand pressure aluminum frame, and the hardness of the aluminum is more than 13 degrees. It is difficult for adults to deform it by hand pressure.

See whether the surface of the aluminum material is smooth, there is no color difference and trachoma, and the profile of the profile.

Analysis: used waste aluminum in the treatment, the surface of the smooth treatment is not enough, there will be obvious color difference and trachoma, special section of the gloss of the dark.

3. look at the pulley

The sealing property of the pulley material and the wheel seat

Brief analysis: the wheel seat of the pulley should be used for compression and heavy material, such as 304 stainless steel and high end synthetic material. The seal of the wheel seat is good, the water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, and the smooth property of the wheel is guaranteed.

Look at the coordination of the pulley and the aluminum track

Analysis: the pulley and the track should be tight and small, and it is not easy to fall off and avoid safety accidents when they are impacted by external force.

4. see the adjustment function of wall materials and even wall clip

Analysis: even the wall (wall) is the shower room and connected to the wall of the aluminum wall tilt and offset because the installation will lead to wall glass distorted, which occurred in the glass blew phenomenon. Even the wall should have adjustment function in vertical and horizontal direction, with the installation of wall and let the aluminum twist, remove the glass distortion of the glass to avoid explosion.

5. look at the stability of the pull rod in the shower room

Analysis: the pull rod of the shower room is an important support to ensure the stability of the Frameless Shower room. The hardness and strength of the pull rod is an important guarantee for the impact resistance of the shower room. It is suggested that the extensible pull rod should not be used, and its strength is weak.

6. see the water tightness of the shower room

Brief analysis: the main observation part of the water density in the shower room is

(1) the connection between the shower room and the wall

The joint of the door and the door

(3) water tightness at the hinge - hinge because of the activity, the water tightness is often bad

(4) the connection between the shower room and the stone base and the bottom basin

Checking the sealing property of glue bar and adhesive strip


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