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Sanitary maintenance

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Bathroom toiletries are used more frequently, if improper maintenance is very easy to aging, today Xiaobian finishing some small sanitary ware maintenance knowledge, to help you do a good job in sanitary ware maintenance work.

1, in order to ensure the correct construction of the toilet installation, as far as possible sealed with glass, such as cement mortar, the mortar ratio should not be greater than 3: 1, in order to prevent too much force and to crack the toilet.

2, do not flush the newsprint into the sanitary ware, paper pad, sanitary napkins and other easily blocked items.

3, accidentally fell into the toilet debris should be pulled out in time, immediately blocked with air suction to exclude.

4, can not get hard appliances or rough fabric contact with ceramics, not beat, hit.

5, Regularly scrub with detergent attached to the dirt, cleaning can not afford, with a brush to remove, keep the surface clean.

6, can not be used and stored in the water environment below zero degrees Celsius.

7, computer bathroom: the most important is to prevent the leakage, on schedule to check whether the insulation circuit.

8, inside the bathtub, you can not place extra things. (Towels, silk, etc.).

9, in order to avoid hurt bathtubs and plumbing, do not use containing sulfur, acid bath or organic solvents.

10, bathroom countertops have water to clean the corner with a dry cloth.

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