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- Dec 01, 2017 -

Style material

1, in addition to the traditional bathtub, many students will now choose jacuzzi. Jacuzzi points vortex, bubble, whirlpool bubble combination of three, the time of purchase should be clear;

2, the bathtub material mainly acrylic, steel, cast iron as the mainstream products, of which the highest grade of cast iron, acrylic and steel followed, the past as the absolute mainstream ceramic bathtub, the market almost can not see;

3, the advantages and disadvantages of bathtub material is mainly to see whether the surface is smooth, hand touch is smooth. Especially for the steel plate and cast iron bathtub, if enamel plating is not good, the surface will appear subtle ripples;

4, the quality and thickness of the material related to the bathtub solidity, students can not see it visually. Need to hand press, try with your feet, if the feeling of sagging, it shows that the hardness is not enough. Of course, it is best to get the merchant's consent before you step on it.

Size shape

1, the size of the bath according to the size of the bathroom to determine, if you determine the bathtub installed in the corner, usually triangular bathtub than the rectangular bathtub more space;

2, the same size bathtub, the depth, width, length and contour are not the same, if you like water deep, the location of the waste outlet should be higher;

3, for a single side of the bathtub, when buying according to the outlet, the wall position to pay attention to the direction of the skirt, buy the wrong can not be installed.

4, if you want to add a shower nozzle above the bathtub, the bathtub to choose a little wider, the bathtub below the shower position to be smooth, and should be non-slip treatment.

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