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Jacuzzi therapy

- Dec 01, 2017 -

1, fitness treatment:

First drink a cup of room temperature water to help clean the systemic circulation system, the water temperature to 34 ℃ appropriate; start hydraulic massage system, running 8-10 minutes, massage the water flow to relieve nervous tension on the skin; according to the following manner with 20 ℃ water Shower: From left foot to buttocks, from right foot to buttocks, from left hand to shoulder, from right hand to shoulder (all from bottom to top), place the shower over the abdomen and the shower over the back under.

2, to ease the pressure:

In the bathtub filled with 36 ℃ water, you can add some relaxation effect of the water-soluble bath oil, to enhance the effect of hydraulic massage;

Built-in non-skirted Jacuzzi

Built-in non-skirted Jacuzzi

Start air massage system, run for 3 minutes, let the bubble out of the bottom of the muscle tissue, increase the elasticity of the skin. If your Jacuzzi has only a hydro-massage system, adjust the air volume to the maximum using the air-conditioning switch (water and air are sprayed through the nozzle); activate the air massage system and hydro-massage system for 10 minutes if you Only Jacuzzi Jacuzzi system, the use of air-conditioning switch to adjust the air volume to medium. During these 10 minutes, the massage flow relieves nervous tension on the surface of the skin, providing an effective soothing way for muscle tissue while accelerating blood circulation in the body. Finally, repeat step 2 for 3-5 minutes to increase the relaxation effect ; When all this process is over, it is recommended to drink a cup of water at the same temperature as room temperature, rest in bed and try to stretch your body. This bathing can be done 2-3 times a week.

3 treatment of insomnia

(1) the same

(2) Start the hydro-massage system and run for 15 minutes to close the air-conditioning switch in the hydro-massage system. If your Jacuzzi is also equipped with an air massage system, turn off the air circulation. Massage water by relieving the nervous surface of the skin, muscle tissue to provide effective relief, while accelerating the body's blood circulation. During this period you need to make the greatest degree of relaxation, try to feel the water flow to the vitality and heat.

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