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Installation method of bottom basin of shower room

- Feb 16, 2018 -

Check the shower room chassis parts to prevent construction was interrupted and the impact of construction quality sanitary installation master, so before installing the bottom basin, should count the shower pan parts there is no lack of, and the construction of the necessary tools ready, to ensure a complete Oh no accident (here to remind, if spare parts the lack of time to contact the merchant with replacement).

Shower room bottom basin installation

First, the bottom pipe of the pipe has been assembled and the floor drain is installed. Then the bottom water pipe of the shower room bottom basin is inserted into the ground water and sewage outlet to adjust the position. Adjust the position of the shower room and adjust the level of the bottom basin, resulting in water accumulation, so this can ensure the smooth flow of water.

Installation test of shower room bottom basin

If you install the shower bath bottom basin, if you want to install children's shoes for shower room, you can continue to install. Just replace the children's shoes on the bottom of the shower room, and you can seal them in time with glass glue. After the sealant glass is dry, the drainage test can be done to test whether the drainage is smooth and whether there is water infiltrating into the bottom of the bottom of the basin.

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