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how to remove the dirt from the bathtub

- Feb 16, 2018 -

Methods / steps

The best way to remove bathtub scale is: first, the traces left by the antiskid pad are aged glue. They can buy a bottle of alkali water in the grocery store or hardware store, sponge it on the dirt on the top of the bathtub, wipe it for about 20 minutes, and the dirt marks can be gradually absorbed by the sponge.

Get rid of the bath scale coup two: special cleaning agent: if you do not care about the cost, with a special bath cleaner! Not only can effectively remove the surface of the common bath soap dirt, scale, also has effects on difficult to remove the organic old yellow dirt time-saving, does not damage the surface of the tub.

A clever way to remove bathtub scale: Three: old newspaper wipe: wipe the bathtub with old newspaper, it can not only accumulate dirt, but also wipe it with clean cloth or brush, and wipe it with water.

A magic trick to remove Bath Scale: Four: vinegar bubble: if you want to clear the scale of the bathtub, the wall and the tap, you can dip the cloth into the vinegar, then cover it on the dirty scale for a night. The next morning, the soda powder and vinegar are made into a paste, and then the toothbrush is dipped in the paste to wash the place, and it can be cleaned and cleaned.

Finally, pay attention to: cleaning the bathtub with detergent powder will wipe the porcelain surface. It will not only make the bathtub lose its gloss, but also easily make the dirt accumulate in the wear place. If you clean the bathtub, wipe it with a soft towel and dip it into laundry powder or detergent. You must not use a cleaning cloth such as cleaning cloth or wire brush.

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