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How to install fan-shaped shower room?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

1, ready to use the necessary tools.

2, the installation of pots: combination of the pot parts, adjust the pot level, to ensure that the basin, the pelvic floor without water. Hose can be retracted with the distance, the floor and the floor drain to connect firmly.

3, quiz, protection: test installed after the need to test water to ensure unimpeded water. Fourth, looking for a bit, punch: Pencil, level foot to determine the wall of aluminum drilling holes punched with a percussion drill.

4, the installation of aluminum: Enter the rubber particles in the drilling, aluminum screws will be locked in the wall.

5, fixed glass: the glass clamp lock drill hole in the basin, and then screwed.

6, the installation of pipe jacking: Find the corresponding position above the fixed glass hole, install (straight mouth / inclined mouth) fixed seat and then take the top pipe. Fix it to the top of the glass with a bend tube.

7. Install the racks: Mount the racks in the quasi-aligned position, tighten the laminar nuts and fix the laminates, keeping the vertical and horizontal. Pay attention to the waterproof glass in the fixed aluminum.

8, the installation activities of the door: installed activities door hardware, the hinge installed on the fixed door reserved hole. Installed after adjusting the lotus leaf axis position, until the best feel so close.

9, do a good job of waterproofing: in accordance with the requirements of the glass side or below the installation of suction or water strip. Silicone aluminum and walls, glass and potting joints seams.

10, debugging, fastening: check the various parts of the use of comfortable and smooth, found that the problem should be promptly adjusted. Tighten the screws after adjustment, so that the entire shower room more solid.

11, finishing work: the aluminum decorative card stuck into the wall aluminum, to ensure that the appearance of clean and generous.

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