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how to choose the bottom basin material of the shower room?

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Shower room bottom basin, also called the chassis, and other space outside the area is from the bottom basin start, shower room to use the bottom basin to achieve better water tightness. The material of the forest bath pot bottom has ABS plastic and composite board, acrylic, artificial stone and marble according to the low, middle and high grade.

1., acrylic material has wear-resisting and skid proof functions. The bottom basin is directly contacted with feet. When it's showered, it will make the ground more slippery, and the skid resistance of materials is very important.

2. see artificial stone and marble are high-grade base material, polished marble is very wide, natural texture is more obvious, but for the particularity of the environment through the marble shower, anti-skid performance polishing treatment of artificial stone not suitable. From the characteristics of the material itself, the marble belongs to the ore, and the material itself contains a trace of metal elements, which will have a certain amount of radiation damage to the human body. The artificial stone is used as the protective layer with high polymer material, and the main color of wear resistant, hard, black and white is beautifully decorated.


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