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How does the acrylic bathtub clean and maintain?

- May 06, 2018 -

1 the best time to clean the bathtub

When cleaning acrylic bathtub, use sponge or flannelette, do not use coarse cloth, 100 clean cloth, do not use any cleaning agent containing granular objects, and can be cleaned with mild detergent. Cast iron bathtub should be washed with clean water and dry with soft cloth. In case of stubborn stains, a small amount of abrasive cleaning agent can be used for cleaning. Clean the bottom antiskid surface with a soft nylon brush. Do not scrub with steel wire, wire brush or abrasive sponge.

2 The correct cleaning method

As the wear resistance of acrylic material is very poor, there should be a normal method in the cleaning process. Under normal circumstances, the bathtub should be used with a soft cloth to clean with neutral detergent or soapy water, and then dry the water. It is strictly prohibited to use sharp and abrasive articles, such as detergent powder, such as decontamination powder, to clean the surface of the bathtub, because it may corrode and scratch the surface of the bathtub, thus reducing the surface gloss.

3 Do not move the bathtub casually

Do not move your bathtub properly. You need to move the location. You must contact the professional. Do not knock or hit the surface with hard objects, resulting in bruises or scratches. If you want to repair the darkened or scratched part, clean it with a clean cloth and mix it with a colorless automatic polishing solution, then wipe it with a layer of colorless protective wax.

4 The cleanliness of the bathtub stains

When the bathtub is used for a period of time, the surface of the bathtub will leave some stains that are difficult to clean. In order to think of the bathtub as new as just bought, it needs to move the brain. To remove the dirt and stains on the bathtub, it can be scrubbed with vinegar first, then once with soda and finally rinsed with clean water; for bath. The Yellow dirt on the surface of the cylinder can be mixed with 1: 9 of the bleach powder into a solution, and then wiped with a cloth dipped in the solution, the dirt will be easily erased and, of course, a professional bathtub cleaning agent can be selected for cleaning.

5 repair the scratches on the bathtub in time

If there are slight scratches or scratches on the surface of the bathtub, a bright surface can be obtained by using metal polishing agent or automotive polishing agent. For deeper scratches, use 1000# sandpaper to remove scratches.

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