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Family method for bathtub maintenance

- Jul 07, 2018 -

Now our living standard has improved. Many families have a bathtub in the bathroom at home to make our bath more comfortable. Since the bathtub is installed, there is no need for ordinary maintenance. I usually collected a lot of maintenance methods on the Internet. I always feel that the process is too cumbersome, or the materials I need are too difficult to find. Today, I told the friends of Shanghe decoration network a convenient and effective way. The housewives' friends have to listen!

Use the bathtub, to pay attention to maintenance, so you can extend the life of the bathtub, but also keep the bright appearance of the bathtub, if the use of hot water bath, it should pay more attention to maintenance.

Generally, it is better to use neutral detergent or soap and water to clean the bathtub, avoid the use of cleaning agent for tile or enamel surface, and it is best to clean the bath once a week to ensure that the bathtub is dry after each use. For cleaning bathtubs, neutral liquid cleaners and flexible fabrics or good sponges can be used. The corrosive cleaning agent stays on the acrylic surface to cause damage. After each use, clean the acrylic surface thoroughly. Do not let the cleaning agent enter the circulation system; do not place the container of liquid cleaners on the surface of the bathtub for a long time, and do not use spray or concentrate or other similar cleaning products. Do not leave metal objects in the bathtub, they will rust the bath and dirty the surface.

In addition, the use of baking soda to remove dirt is also effective. If you are using hot spring water bath, there are several points to pay special attention to. It is better to buy disinfectant and drip in the pharmacy, drop it in the bathtub and disinfect the water. You can also buy a soft water machine yourself, so that the hot spring water flows through the softener and then flows into the bathtub, removing the minerals and impurities in the water.


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