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Ceramic washbasin

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Ceramic washbasin products through multiple processes elegant, unique style, and has a beautiful, elegant, modern, stylish, simple and so on, the biggest feature is the use of Jingdezhen traditional porcelain craft and the use of glaze and glaze in the use of color. After 1300 degrees Celsius high temperature firing, so the product is absolutely lead-free non-toxic, without any harm to the human body, is the modern favorite of green porcelain. Products after high temperature firing, so the service life will be much higher than Similar low-temperature mold basin. And colorful, durable as new, without any radiation, it is suitable for modern pursuit of green life.

This product is more collection value, each of the production processes are made by hand, so each ceramic pot will have some subtle differences, which is hand-made can not be avoided, but it is also true that each paragraph Precious pots will also be highlighted, and absolutely unique, completely different from the ordinary mold mass production of art basin, the other hand-painted sanitary ware compared with ordinary printing, in the manufacturing process, hand-painted sanitary ware is processed in the product, Glazed pottery by senior technicians using the pattern of a hand-carved or painted pen in the mud blank, and then spray glaze fired at high temperatures, while ordinary decal pot glaze contains chemical composition, some chemical raw materials Attached to and fired again, so it is more wear-resistant and fade-resistant than similar glazed ceramic decorating pots, no matter how many years pass, or the same as the new one. From the visual point of view, hand-painted sanitary ware Bright surface, the pattern of gloss is also very good, this is more of a work of art, more unique is unique, stroking his hand can feel it moist texture.

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